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Living on Campus

Bridgewater State University is a great place to live and learn!

Bridgewater State University provides a supportive, safe campus environment for our students. We are dedicated to making your transition to life in the residence halls as smooth and successful as possible. Whether you join one of the Living Learning Communities or strike out on your own, you can find your home at BSU.

The words "Welcome Home" are painted in red and white on the walkway leading into Scott Hall

Residence Halls

Approximately 3,300 students live on campus in 11 residence halls, which are differentiated by type of rooms and living arrangements and the class standing of residents.
Crimson Hall

Bridgewater offers students the opportunity to live with other students regardless of their assigned gender, gender identity or expression.

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Weygand Hall
Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students with the opportunity to live among others with similar interests and academic focuses. Students who choose to live in a learning community benefit from targeted programming and access to resources that will help them become more successful while at the university.
Ainsleigh's Room Tour in Crimson Hall

Top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus

  1. Four students laughing and eating pizza at a Pizza with the President event
    STUDENT SUCCESS: When you live on campus, you have better access to academic supports, from meeting with professors to taking advantage of the Academic Achievement Center and other resources.
  2. SAFETY: With facilities on-call 24/7 and BSU Residential Safety and Student Security Officers located in residential buildings, you can take solace knowing help is there when you need it, any time of day and night.
  3. Two students smiling and hugging, their faces and t-shirts splashed with color from the Holi festival
    CAMARADERIE: You live alongside folks and create long-lasting friendships you might not have otherwise. With activities always happening, it’s easy to get a group together to participate.
  4. ALL-INCLUSIVE: You don’t have to worry about being late with the utility bill, because it’s all included and you never have to cook thanks to customized meal plans. The ResNet all-in-one communications package is hard to beat, offering a cable package that includes specialized technical support and innovative services.
  5. NO PARKING HASSLES: Finding a parking spot on any college campus is often a challenge. Instead of circling the campus behind the wheel of a car, you can walk, or better yet take a free bus offered through BSU’s Transit Service.
  6. Two students sitting on the grass, practicing drawing on a sunny day
    GROWTH: Living on campus helps you develop social and independent living skills that you'll utilize in the "real-world."
  7. TRAVEL LIGHT: Instead of dragging everything around campus with you, you can drop your belongings off in your room between classes.
  8. SLEEP IN: Feel free to hit the snooze button and still make it to class on time.
  9. A group of three students hugging among a crowd of others, sitting on the Boyden quad at nighttime
    CONNECTION: Students who live on campus say it’s easier to create a closer connection to the institution that fosters a sense of school pride.
  10. CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS: Best of all, you increase your chances of running into President Fred Clark!



BSU president Fred Clark smiling with a crowd of students at Midnight Madness
A student grabbing a Snack Pack from a Bears To Go fridge

Mail & Package Delivery

Sending Mail or Packages to Students Living in Residence Halls

All correspondence sent to resident students must be addressed as follows:

Student Name
45 School Street
c/o Mail Services
Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA 02325


Mail/Package Pickup for Students Living in Residence Halls

Mail is not delivered directly to students living in the Residence Halls. All student mail is centrally processed at Mail Services​ in Tillinghast​ Hall, Room 022 and may be collected by the student at Mail Services. Students retrieving mail or packages should bring their ID.

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